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National What Month? Photo by John Benitez After July 4th, what else could possibly be left to celebrate in the month of July? You have no idea! Just because Independence Day has come and gone doesn’t mean the party can't go on. July is full of all kinds of celebrations! The most curious, albeit even weird, are food [...] Read More
Summertime Vacations! Let’s GO!

It’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime. And, this summer is extra special because last summer was extra crazy so we all could really use some summer fun in the sun! And, we’ve got just the thing to bring that real summer feel back for you and your family. From local fun to offbeat adventures in the sun,  we’ve got something to do for all of you Perksters out there, so come on, let’s go! 

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RED, WHITE, BLUE AND  GREEN? Photo by Trent Yarnell   Perksters! Notice the new hue in the line up? Independence Day celebrations are just around the corner and this year we wanted to add a new shade to our traditional red, white, and blue. Introducing….. GREEN. The 4th of July is a celebration of true American spirit. We take great [...] Read More
Celebrate Dad & Save On Father’s Day! Perkster, I am your…… Naw, we’re not going there. Put that tie down, Perkster! Come on, your dad can do without another one of those, trust us. This guy has changed your flat tires, bravely warded off unwanted monsters under the bed, and given up several of his weekends to help you with your DIY [...] Read More
The Healing Power of Nature Photo by Luemen Rutowski Imagine a trail. The trees are tall and majestic. The sun is peeking through their leaves. Rays of light gently kiss your cheeks as the enchanting songs of beautiful birds fill your ears. The air is sweet, cool, and fresh. You cop a squat on a large stone, close your eyes [...] Read More

There are so many marvelous things to celebrate in May! There’s Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, and even National Love A Tree Day. We’re not kidding, it’s on May 16th! But with all of these amazing celebrations, there’s one in particular that may quite possibly be the most important of them all, Asian American and Pacific Islander Month!

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Spring Into Savings and Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Got your vaccine just in time for spring? 
Go enjoy the outdoors, and all that nature brings. 
The frost is gone, it’s time for fun! 
Listen to birds chirp as you soak up the sun. 
There are so many things outside to do! Catch a ball game, go camping or barbecue! 
But before you explore the great outdoors, check your Loyalty+ account for rewards galore!

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Mom We Love You!

Sunday, May 9th, is Mother’s Day and it’ll be here before you know it! But no need to worry, we’ve got you covered with a few green gift ideas sure to show your mom, and Mother Earth, just how much you care. Plus having a Loyalty+ account makes it even easier to find tons of great gifts your mother is sure to love even if you’re on a budget.

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Celebrate Earth Day 2021

Around this time of year the weather is warmer and the earth seems to come alive again. We get to enjoy nature and all its splendor with picnics outside, walks in the park and bike rides. And for many of us lately, nature has served to restore our hope in ourselves and the world. So it makes sense that this year’s theme for Earth Day is Restore Our Earth!

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Tips and Deals to Get the Most Out of Your Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung in most of the country, and it is time to do some cleaning! Spring cleaning has mixed origins, with some historians citing the Persian New Year, while others trace the roots to the Catholic priest tradition of cleaning the church on the Thursday before Easter. Whatever your reasoning may be, your Loyalty+ account has some great deals to help get your space clean!

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