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3 tips to be green and stay healthy during reopening

We’ve been on lockdown for what seems like an eternity and for a lot of us Perksters this has been a trying year to be a Planeteer. Many things about the way we live our lives changed almost instantly to prevent the spread of Covid19.

Outdoor events were canceled, stifling any environmental engagement, our favorite eco-friendly businesses and restaurants were closed and one of the biggest upsets was the rollback on legislation against using plastic bags. Let’s face it, for those of us who celebrate Earth Day like it’s Christmas, this experience was one big lump of coal in our stocking but we’re still not out of the woods yet. Now that most areas are reopening we wanted to share 3 tips on what you can do to stay green while being safe during Covid19.


1- Buy a reusable face mask:

According to the CDC having a face mask or covering over the nose and mouth are helpful to prevent the spread of the disease. So instead of the disposable one-time-use masks why not opt for a 100% cotton mask that can be washed and reused when going out in public. It’s safer than reusing a disposable mask, way more enviro-friendly, and saves you a little green too. If you are interested in purchasing a 100% reusable cotton mask check out a couple of our EnviroPerks partners. Not only will you be doing your part to protect yourselves and the planet, but you’d also be supporting small businesses like The Laurianda Clothing Company.


2- Go digital:

If you are visiting your favorite restaurant or eatery try and find a digital menu for them. Most restaurants have delivery options now, so finding a digital menu should be a piece of cake. Some are using QR code menus, if you aren’t sure how to set it up on your phone, take a look at this article for Apple or Android.  This prevents one-time use of paper menus and you’ll always have your favorite restaurant’s menu options at your fingertips. 


3- Avoid one-time-use items:

The CDC is recommending that restaurants use disposable food service items so in order to be green and stay safe consider bringing your own reusable bottle or cup and reusable cutlery to cut down on waste that the reopening of restaurants may generate. Also if you’re doing curbside pickup make sure to inform the restaurant that you won’t be needing any utensils or napkins. After all most of us just take our food back home to enjoy and we have plenty of utensils and napkins to spare so why waste more.

Our whole lives may seem to revolve around change right now, but getting into good habits of avoiding one-time-use items is one of the good things that could come out of all of this. We all want to be healthy and do our part at the same time. Hopefully, these tidbits will help you ease through the transition a little more smoothly. Let us know what you think!


Do you have any suggestions or interesting ways to #staygreenduringCovid19?

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