4 ways that you can make the Earth cleaner this summer!

Author: Suzie Vance, EnviroPerks

While camping

Keep recyclables separate/bagged, and dispose of properly. Don’t forget to put out your campfire. Take along reusable cooking/dining containers instead of disposable items.

At the Beach

Take your own water bottle. Bring your empty sunscreen bottles back home to be recycled. Take your own drinks/snacks in reusable containers. Much cheaper than disposables!

At the Park

Don’t forget to look for small items that may have been discarded. Serve drinks/snacks/meals using everyday dinnerware/silverware. Everyone will feel pampered, and you’ll have less waste to dispose of.

In your backyard

Use only one of each cup/plate/flatware. Offer to help with cleanup and sorting of recyclables. Your hosts will appreciate it! Don’t forget to clean up all of the spent fireworks after a backyard fireworks display.

Leave the Earth the way you found it… Clean up your litter!