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4 Ways to Use Non-Plastic Can Liners!

We asked, and guess what…we all had the same answers! 

Yep, when we asked our members how they reuse their plastic grocery bags, most of you had the same answer: as trash liners. While we think it’s great that you’re extending the life of plastic grocery bags, we all know it’s best if we eliminate our dependency on them completely. Lots of grocery stores are moving away from plastic bags, or trying to, but to encourage the final push there needs to be less of a demand for the bags. One way for us to show the grocery stores that it’s time to ban the bag is to show them we don’t need them anymore. This month EnviroPerks wants to help you find new ways to complete tasks that we have been reliant on plastic bags to help us with for years.

So is there really a way to throw away your trash without a grocery bag?


Here are some ideas to make a bigger impact on the sustainability of our planet.

1 – No Bag 

This is the easiest and cheapest way to avoid the plastic grocery bag. Think about it, most of your waste is pretty dry. Toss it in the bin, then rise it out when you empty it if it needs to be cleaned. You can make it an easy habit to clean the bin every time you clean the toilet!

2 – Reusable Trash Bags 

These are super easy to use! Buy one once and then just toss it into your washer every time you empty your trash. Reusable trash bags are a great alternative to plastics if you feel like you have to have a bag lining the bin. Think about the resources used in washing and drying a load of laundry. Buying a few washable bags and hanging them to dry will leave an even smaller carbon footprint than plastic bags!

3 – Compostable Bio-Based Bags 

These are great if you compost at home. But if not properly composted these can be just as bad as any other plastics. A compostable bag in the landfill or the ocean will not break down. On the bright side, if you are not ready not go bagless these are a great start, make sure they say bio based and at least you will know that they were not made using fossil fuels.

4 – Recycled Plastic Bags 

The higher the recycled content the better! Only about 10% of plastic is ever reused so if you can help create more of a demand for recycled plastics rather than new products you’re helping the sustainability efforts!

So, although there is no one size fits all answer, you have options to do better. Take small steps at first, every step will help to reduce the use of plastic grocery bags. Show stores everywhere that we are not afraid to ban the bag!