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4th of July Decor Upcycling DIY

Caps Flag


Collect the red, blue and white caps from your plastic and glass bottles or jars.

Get a flat piece of cardboard and paint it black. You will use it as your base.

Glue the different caps to make it look like the flag, or let your imagination guide you!

From: http://cherikopp.com/blog/2010/07/04/happy-birthday-usa/

Can Lanterns

Can Lanterns

Collect tin cans and clean them. Fill each can with water and freeze overnight until solid

(the ice stabilizes the can and prevents it from bending when you punch holes).

Grab a hammer and nails, or a drill. You can either drill the holes into the can without a pattern, or you can print a pattern onto a paper that you will tape to the can and use as a guide. Remove the ice, drop in some lighted votive candles, and enjoy!

From: http://inhabitat.com/how-to-recycle-a-tin-can-into-a-gorgeous-outdoor-lantern-for-summer-parties/