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7 Ways To Remember Your Reusable Bag.

As we try to reduce our dependence on single-use bags, we know it’s not our will to change that’s the issue—we want to do the right thing. Instead, the true challenge is just remembering to grab our reusable bags as we walk out the door. Here are 7 insider tips to help you not forget your reusable bags:


1: The most basic way to remember your reusable bag is to keep them in your car. After you unload your groceries, just gather all your reusable bags together and take them back to the car the next time you go out. 

2: Can’t remember to take those reusable bags back to the car? It’s simple, just hang them on the door you leave home, and—voila, problem solved!

3: Another more active way to remind yourself is by using technology. A lot of people have Google or Alexa technology in their homes and on their phones. Ask her to remind you! For example, you’re heading to the store after you get home from work and want to be reminded to grab your bags. Just say “ Alexa, remind me at 6 pm to grab my reusable bags.” Now she’ll remind you right before you leave your house!

You can do the same with any virtual assistant you might have. Don’t forget that you can also set Google reminders directly from your phone if you have the Google Assistant installed. And Amazon Echo Auto is your personal assistant on the go—Alexa in your car! Technology to the rescue!

4: Technology for the win again! Did you know that Apple has a new thing called “shortcuts”? Just ask Siri to remind you anytime you connect to the Bluetooth in your car. You could use it to remember to grab a reusable bag that’s in your trunk or grab one at your house before you head to the store! This tip is just for Apple phones, but if you’re an Android user there are multiple reminder apps that you can use as well (many also work with Apple products). Share your favorites with us!  

5: Make a list! You make a list for your groceries, and most of the time you check it before you leave the house, so just make it a habit to put “reusable bag” at the top of every grocery list. Again, you can use technology to help with that—and negate the negative effect of making a paper list that will just be tossed into the trash.

Anydo integrates with Alexa so that you can add your shopping list using voice controls and any Alexa enabled device. Then just open the Anydo app on your phone when you get to the store’s parking lot; make it a habit so that it’s easy to remember. And remember to keep “shopping bags” at the top of your list so that you don’t forget them. It will be the first thing you see when you open the app before leaving your car.

6: Tip number six might seem like a teaser right now, but you will understand next week. The tip is to just remember Jammica’s wink! We promise it will have you laughing every time you walk out the door with your bag in hand. 

7: When all else fails, go for the old standby: write it on your hand. Just be sure to use ethically sourced, sustainable, environmentally friendly (and washable) ink. 😉


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