A letter from the editor - EnviroPerks

A letter from the editor

From all of us here at EnviroPerks we would like to pass on our deepest gratitude to all of our members. Typically, I fill this space with one of our informative blog posts, but times have been tough for us all. So this month I felt it was important to spread some love, kindness, and praise. During these hard times, it is important that we remember to communicate gratitude to ourselves, our planet, and each other. 


As we go through these tough times it is your participation that is making a difference. By continuing to redeem rewards, recycle, learn and share new ways of living greener, hang out with us on our Facebook lives, participate in raffles, and share our #stillopen campaign you are giving local businesses that we all value the ability to survive. 


But it is important for you to know that your redemptions, not just now, but always, are a statement of intention and hope. Every time you redeem your points for rewards you are showing us and your city or haulers that our program matters. Your participation allows us to continue our mission for a greener future. It allows us to keep rewarding you, sending you inspiration for a greener lifestyle, and supporting the businesses where you shop. 


I have always been an optimist and I believe now more than ever that we need to continue to see the best in all situations. Over the past years, I have met some of you in person at events, but lately, I’ve had the opportunity to meet even more of you virtually. It’s been a joy interacting with you on our Facebook Lives. We are grateful to all who have been able to attend and hope to soon see those who haven’t had a chance to attend. And, to our followers, we love being on this journey with you. Your input and involvement are essential to the success of our program.


Thank you for your continued efforts in recycling and your dedication to your communities and bettering our world. It’s because of your actions and efforts that our world is becoming a better place.


Amanda and the whole EnviroPerks team 


Thanks for reading!

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