Are you sure that you recycle correctly? - EnviroPerks

Are you sure that you recycle correctly?

Author: Suzie Vance, EnviroPerks


Norfolk, VA – 7/24/2017 – EnviroPerks, the local recycling incentive and education company, is quizzing thousands of people in Norfolk to make them aware of items they might place in the recycling container incorrectly. Along with helping to decrease Norfolk’s recycling contamination rate, quiz participants are entered to win a free dinner!


Are you sure that you recycle correctly?


“Norfolk has a good recycling participation rate, and even won the 2016 Keep America Beautiful Affiliate Award! However, we see a rather high recycling contamination rate, which is the percentage of items found in the collected recycling that cannot be recycled, and that’s why we are launching this educational quiz”, explains Fleta Jackson, Project Coordinator at Keep Norfolk Beautiful. Ms. Jackson gave us a long list of contamination items, which includes garden hoses, toys, to go food containers, and even DIAPERS!


In the quiz, residents are invited to select the items that they believe to be recyclable curbside. Everyone who selects all of the right answers is entered into the drawing for a free dinner at the Public House in Norfolk (one of EnviroPerks’ reward partners). All participants will receive valuable information on recycling and be awarded EnviroPerks points. Based on misbeliefs such as “plastic bags are recyclable since they’re plastic”, most users are expected to select some incorrect items. Plastic bags cannot be recycled curbside since they could shut down the entire operation if they get stuck in the machinery at the material recovery facility (MRF).


With this quiz, Norfolk residents will find that even though some of the items are not recyclable curbside it doesn’t mean that they aren’t recyclable at all. Some specific items such as electronics and hazardous waste can be repurposed at Norfolk’s Waste Management drop-off center located at 1176 Pineridge Road, while plastic bags can be recycled at grocery stores. Items such as books and clothes can be recycled at local thrift stores.


The quiz, and the chance to win a free dinner, runs from July 9th through August 11th, 2017, and can be accessed at The winner will be selected and contacted on August 22nd 2017. Visit to create your free account, which is required in order to participate in the quiz. Good luck, Norfolk!