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Atlanta for Earth Day 2016 [ARTICLE]

Atlanta, GA – 04/22/2016 – Saving the environment lies on every shoulder, from government and corporations, to households and schools. Now, what will you do for Earth Day this year?

Atlanta has been active in several environmental projects for decades, and continues to work daily on getting more residents involved with the mission to keep Atlanta green and beautiful – a mission that the City of Atlanta Public Works, Cartlanta, Keep Atlanta Beautiful and EnviroPerks work on together.

To get a direct feel of the City’s green fever, EnviroPerks, the recycling incentive and outreach program, went to different neighborhoods throughout the week to see what Atlanta residents think of Earth Day and how they celebrate it. From “I will ride my bike” to “For me it’s a day to meditate with Mother Earth”, most of those interviewed showed a strong knowledge and awareness of the environmental situation and the existence of Earth Day.

To celebrate Earth Day, several people pledged to be greener, and realized again how important it is to spread the word and awareness of the importance to protect our world. “We will plant one tree for every book purchased”, states an interviewee on the Earth Day video.

A EnviroPerks Rewards Partner (business offering discounts for recyclers) also dropped by while we were filming the Earth Day street video. EAV Smoke and Vap of East Atlanta Village shared with us how they will incentivize recyclers for their good work by offering an Earth Day sale for members.

All year long, EnviroPerks rewards registered recyclers for their efforts with more than 250 discounts and freebies from local spots in the area. Registering at is simple and free for Atlanta residential recycling customers. By recycling regularly, EnviroPerks members have the opportunity to save up to $25 per month in discounts. Atlanta recycling customers can sign up for free at, and follow the local recycling information on the EnviroPerks Facebook page:

About EnviroPerks:

EnviroPerks is an incentive program that promotes participation in curbside recycling and is currently available in several cities in the United States. EnviroPerks strives to improve household recycling efforts, reduce waste, and promote local businesses by offering great savings and exclusive deals that reward recyclers. Simply put. You recycle, we reward.