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Augusta 2015 Neighborhood EARN Program

What is EARN?

EARN stands for Environmental Awards for Recycling in Neighborhoods. Launching in January 2015, the EARN Program is sponsored by EnviroPerks and the City of Augusta, and encourages neighborhoods to promote and participate in the City’s recycling program. EARN provides neighborhood leaders with an opportunity to make a difference in our community while earning cash rewards!

How Does EARN Work?

Neighborhoods receive monetary awards by collecting points in different neighborhood categories. NOTE: Registration is valid for one calendar year, after which, neighborhoods must re-enroll to participate for the following year.

How to Participate in EARN

In order to participate in the EARN, your neighborhood must:

  • Enroll by contacting EnviroPerks.
  • Appoint two neighborhood members as your EARN Representatives.
  • Attend EARN training.
  • Promote curbside recycling and other environmental practices using educational materials provided by EnviroPerks and the City of Augusta.
  • Report the neighborhood’s activities by using the EARN Report Form online. Reports are due at least 2x per year (by June 30 and December 31). 

To register for the EARN Program, email or call 762-233-0321.

PLEASE NOTE: Reports submitted more than five business days past the due date are considered late and will not be accepted. Due dates which fall on a weekend or holiday will be accepted on the following business day. Reports must be received or postmarked by the due date. You may submit your reports via the website or by mail (PO Box 1498, Augusta, GA 30903).

Award Distribution

Neighborhoods must attend an EARN orientation (online) in January 2015. Each year, neighborhoods will be required to re-enroll in the program in order to remain active. All EARN representatives must attend an orientation each year. Checks will be distributed by January 31, 2016 for the 2015 program.


Neighborhoods registered with EnviroPerks EARN program can receive monetary awards by collecting points in different categories. Points are totaled for each neighborhood, and a corresponding award is given at the end of the calendar year. Please see the breakdown of the awards system below:

  • Small neighborhoods (less than 250) can EARN up to $750
  • Large neighborhoods (greater than or equal to 250) can EARN up to $1,125

Neighborhood size is determined by the total number of households eligible for curbside recycling service. EnviroPerks uses the geographic boundaries registered with the City of Augusta, along with residential account information from the City’s curbside waste service to determine the number of eligible households for the EARN program, and household maps from the neighborhood association.


Neighborhoods choose how to spend their award to best benefit their community. For suggestions on programs and activities, please contact EnviroPerks.

Point System


Neighborhoods must maintain an average set out rate of at least 40%, in order to receive a minimum of 20 points. Set out rates are observed throughout the year, and measured by EnviroPerks. EnviroPerks will include this information in your year-end report. 



Neighborhoods with a minimum of 10% of their eligible households actively registered for EnviroPerks will receive points based on the percentage signed up.


Neighborhood Reminders

  • One-time per reporting period / 5 points each period or 10 points total
  • Post a sign (provided by EnviroPerks) each week the day before recycling.
  • The sign must be posted at least 24-48 hours prior to collection day, and removed within 24 hours post collection.
  • Submit the name of the person responsible for posting the sign and the address of the location where the sign is posted.

Recycling Presentation

  • One-time per reporting period / 5 points each period or 10 points total
  • Host a presentation on recycling that meets attendance requirements.
  • Requests for recycling presentations must be received at least 30 days in advance.
  • Attendees must live within the neighborhood boundaries.
  • Minimum of 10 attendees required.
  • Contact EnviroPerks to request a recycling presentation.
  • Provide date of presentation and attendance sheet in your report.

Litter & Beautification Event

  • One-time per reporting period / 5 points each period or 10 points total
  • Organize a clean up event to capture and dispose of neighborhood litter
  • Document your clean up event with the City’s neighborhood litter program and with EnviroPerks
  • Provide date of the clean up in your report.

NOTE: Points may not be carried over into the next program year. To register for the EARN Program, email or call 762-233-0321.