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Back To School Enviro Gear

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Hey EnviroPerksters, it’s almost back to school time! Time for classes, books, lunches, and busses. We know, it went by super fast, didn’t it? But, the best part about this time of year is the Enviro-Gear, at least that’s what we’re calling it anyway. So, let’s geek out on some of the coolest Enviro-Tech (Yeah, we did again. Lol) for back to school that we know you and the planet will truly go green over. This is how we do back to school! 

Power Up, Perksters!

There are tons of solar backpacks out there, but when we saw the Voltaic Systems solar backpacks, we knew there was no competition. These guys are the ultimate in environmental awesomeness! Not only do they make it super easy to charge all your gadgets and devices, but they are also all about low-impact, high-quality materials too. 

As a matter of fact, Voltaic uses 21 to 33 recycled plastic bottles to make their backpack’s fabric. They also create their packs using modular systems. That way, the backpacks can be repaired easily instead of being thrown away and having to purchase a new one. This drastically reduces waste! And to top it all off, they offer a Take Back Program which recycles the backpack’s batteries and solar panels. Mic drop, EnviroPerksters! We green-geeked on this pack so hard that we had to do an EnviroPerks Back To School Solar Backpack Giveaway! Simply log in to your EnviroPerks account for more details.


Up, Up and Away! 

When Elton John wrote Rocket Man, we bet he never imagined that one day he could save the lyrics to his masterpiece and save trees all at the same time. Introducing the most incredible green notebook that you will EVER need, we give to you, the Rocketbook (insert lightning and futuristic sounds here). 

They are “changing the universe at the speed of light.” Their words, not ours, but pretty cool though. According to Rocketbook, “the average tree produces 10,000 sheets of paper, which is about 100 standard 1-subject notebooks.” By Rocketbook’s logic, each individual person will consume one whole tree in their lifetime using traditional paper notebooks. Pause…we must give a moment of silence to that devastating thought. The willow tree comes to mind as we weep. (Awkward moment here) Moving on. 

Rocketbook is destroying single-use notebooks like never before too. Its “pages” are made from recyclable polyester so you can use it over and over and over and over again. Just write your notes, drawings, or whatever you wish, save it, erase it and repeat. This totally keeps paper waste out of landfills and oceans. Plus, the coolest factoid that we were green-geeking on is that the entire notebook is recyclable! Elton John would be mighty proud. You don’t have to understand the science but you can certainly use the Rocketbook for a long, long time. 


J's Article Image (2) Jammica Boone is a writer and content creator for Enviro Perks.