Be prepared for Easter with these Egg-cellent tips and deals! - EnviroPerks

Be prepared for Easter with these Egg-cellent tips and deals!

Egg-cited for Easter? Be prepared with these Egg-cellent tips and deals!

Every year as the winter chill gives way to sunshine and the flowers start to emerge, spring begins anew. The Easter holiday is another sign that spring is here. After all, few things signal the arrival of the new season quite like pastel, bunny rabbit decor, and of course, Easter eggs.

As fun as an Easter egg hunt may be, the plastic eggs many people use to store their treats in can create a lot of unnecessary waste if not disposed of properly. You may be wondering, “Can’t I recycle these?” The answer depends on where you live, as recycling practices differ by town and city.

Before tossing your Easter eggs in the recycling bin, look for a recycling symbol or number on the egg or its packaging. If your hauler lists small or thin plastics, such as bottle caps, they are most likely fine. If not, it’s best to toss them in the garbage. Other options include donating them to your local thrift store, or simply keeping them for next year.

If you wish to take additional steps to ensure your Easter festivities are as eco-friendly as possible, remember to try and reduce the amount of packaging when buying festive food. It’s also important to plan ahead to reduce unnecessary food waste. Planning meals in advance, getting portion sizes right, and making use of the leftovers can all reduce waste – and save you money.


Buying decorations second-hand from charity or thrift shops, previously mentioned, can greatly reduce your waste footprint. Only buy new decorations made from recycled material and that are recyclable.

Lastly, be creative with unwanted packaging! Use any leftover boxes or containers to store (or hide) your eggs or gifts. You can even use moulded plastic packaging to make your own chocolate gifts for family and friends!

Need some help organizing the perfect Easter celebration?

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We hope our tips and deals help make this your best Easter ever! Have a wonderful holiday from all of us at EnviroPerks!