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Bikes are worth more in isolation

We have all seen the memes about wearing your finest to the grocery store. As ridiculous as those outfits are, the truth is real. Nowadays, the grocery store is the coolest thing since sliced bread! If the store is the only place we can go, why not make the most of it?


Get your exercise in, save the planet, improve your mood, and make lasting family memories. No matter whether you consider yourself a country bumpkin or a city slicker, here are some tips to make biking to the grocery store an enjoyable experience. Follow these tips and bikes can be so much more than just a bike during isolation.


 1 – Be smart about how you carry things!

Buy a rack and attach an old milk crate or a cargo trailer. You can find new ones online for around a hundred bucks, or check Facebook Marketplace (a lot of people are cleaning out their garages right now so you could find a deal!) Or, for double duty, if you have kids or pets, spend a little more and get a cargo/kid carrier. Not only can you stock up at the store but you can take your kids on longer rides without complaints of getting tired. 


2 – Have a long way to go to the store?

For an investment, you can buy an electric bike, or attach an electric motor to your old bike. They allow you to still pedal but with extra oomph for long distances. 


3 –  Make sure you have the proper safety equipment.

Check out these ridiculous bike helmets and make sure you have reflectors and lights. Check your local laws for specifics.


4 – Bring your reusable bags;

They are much easier to stack and you won’t have that annoying sound of flapping plastic bags as you cruise around town. Reusable bags are great for the environment and can even save you money at some stores! Hold the bags down with Bungee cords–they are a must! 


 5 – Check your brakes and tire pressure before you go.

It would be a shame to spoil the milk if you get caught with a flat tire. Be even more prepared and take a bike kit with you in case something goes wrong. Someone on our team, who won’t be mentioned, includes a poncho, a selfie stick, and some chafing cream, but most true bikers suggest actual tools


6 – Ready to go!

You just spent time and money creating the perfect shopping experience, so make sure to get a bike lock to secure everything. 


Now, get out there and have fun either by yourself or with your family!

Mind the rules of the road, give people space, don’t wear bell bottoms unless you tie them around the ankles, and stay safe. It is important to stay in isolation but when you have to go to the store, do it in a healthy way that brings joy.

Going to give it a try? Post photos of your bike set-up on Facebook and tag us (@RecyclingPerks) to inspire others! 


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