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Residents are looking for YOUR business!

It’s never been easier to get and keep more customers using EnviroPerks’ free-forever Business Partnerships program. We help local businesses and select national, green, and Made in the USA businesses get and keep more customers by promoting their discounts to our thousands of members. Our members care about the environment and love supporting businesses that share their values–and they love the discounts! We want to send our members to your business! Are you ready to be part of a cleaner, greener world and get more customers for free?

Right now, there are people in your community trying to decide where to eat, shop, get their hair done, get help with home improvements, or decide what to do for fun. They trust EnviroPerks to help them find just the right businesses in their community and beyond.

Don’t be left behind! Our team is ready to promote your business in your community, bringing you more new customers and repeat customers. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of our program!

What We Do

EnviroPerks partners with local businesses to offer discounts to our members, but we don’t stop there. Education is at the heart of our program. Reducing waste, recycling smarter, and being stellar stewards of the environment are common topics in our blog posts and social media. As a valued Business Reward Partner, we promote YOUR business in our newsletters and on our social media channels, encouraging residents to check out the discounts you offer. Did we mention that this is FREE for your business?

How Can You Participate and Get Free Promotion?

Simply offer an exclusive and exciting reward that we’ll promote to our members who will thank you by supporting your business with their shopping dollars. They might even tell their friends how awesome your business is!

Below are just a few of the benefits you receive when you participate in our program:

  • There’s no cost to participate–ever!
  • Your business will have a dedicated webpage on our website, and we’ll promote your business right away and as long as you remain a Business Reward Partner
  • We target residents in your local community (or nationally for national rewards), promoting your business in newsletters and on our social media channels. We can even spotlight your business for even more impact!
  • Residents can redeem your discounts online, or gift them to friends and family bringing new customers to you–and repeat customers!

Getting started is super easy!

Ready to get new customers and show your support for your community? Just send an email to your dedicated Business Partnerships Coordinator and let him know who you are and what discount you’d like to offer. He’ll get your free webpage set up and send it to you for your approval before we start promoting. You can have as many discounts as you like on our website or change your discount at any time.

The following info is all we need to get started:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your business website
  4. The best number to reach you at
  5. The discount you’d like to offer

Get started today!

Email James O’Brien at