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Celebrate Dad & Save On Father’s Day!

Perkster, I am your…… Naw, we’re not going there. Put that tie down, Perkster! Come on, your dad can do without another one of those, trust us. This guy has changed your flat tires, bravely warded off unwanted monsters under the bed, and given up several of his weekends to help you with your DIY projects. DIY should stand for Dad It’s Your project because, let’s keep it real, who ends up finishing the project in the end? SMH……
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So, this Father’s Day, we’re gonna help you honor your father with the perfect gift ideas and deals from Loyalty+. We have something for every kind of dad. Is your dad into tech? We got a deal for that. Is the best way to your dad’s heart through his tummy? We got a Loyalty+ deal for that. Got an adventure abba? Well, we got a deal for your father. So let us do what we do and help you put the kind of smile on your dad’s face that makes him feel like all the bad road trips, ugly ties, treehouse building injuries, and seriously way too long school programs over the years were all worth it. 


Gadget Guy

Is your dad always talking tech or into the latest gadgets? Then you are in luck. There are loads of Loyalty+ deals to choose from for him. Like HP’s home & office Loyalty+ deal! Get exclusive savings on the hottest laptops, tablets, and more and save up to 45% off with free shipping. You can even get a personalized assistant to help you choose the perfect item for your dad. Pop loves tech but hates cleaning? Get him an iRobot and save up to $400 off select care bundles for dad. Sweet!

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Foodie Father

Does your dad love cooking up some fun? Is he really into those cooking shows and challenges? Well, give the man what he wants. Create a great grill escape with Weber Grill and Omaha Steaks.

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Log in to your Loyalty+ account and see how you can save up to 50% off plus an additional 10% at checkout online with Omaha Steaks. Have succulent steaks delivered right to your dad’s door. But of course, with these grade-A cuts your dad’s gonna wanna have the perfect grill to prepare them on. Weber Grills to the rescue. Get up to 25% off MSRP on all Weber grills and accessories. Shop from Weber’s catalog of electric, charcoal, and gas grills and get an exclusive iGrill Mini valued at $49.99 with your purchase.  Nobody does it better than Weber. Your dad will be proud.


Wild Man

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Is your dad adventurous? Does he speak the language of the wild ones? There is no such language but you can’t tell your fishing loving, deck building, let’s go camping, RV’ing pro of a dad that. He is a wild man! He’s always looking for the next outdoor project or great adventure. And for this guy, you’ve got to put down the tie. Treat him to some adventure gear, dear. Outdoor Element gives Loyalty+ members 10% off Adventure gear! Get your dad the gear he needs for the life he leads. They have it all! Camp kitchen cleaning sets, wombat whistles (yea it’s a thing), micro sportsman tool bundles and more. Don’t worry, your pops will know exactly what this gear is used for. 


Now that you know where to go for dad’s gifts this year, let’s get started! Log on to your Loyalty+ account right now and take advantage of all the cool rewards given to you just for being who you are, loyal. It’s a great character trait you know, just like your good ole’ dad.


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