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Curbside bins don’t play with toys!

The simple joy a child finds in their toys can last forever but their toys don’t. Whether they break or your child grows out of them, there are a few ways to easily recycle them. But putting used toys in the curbside bin is just giving them a ticket to the landfill.

Curbside bins don’t play with toys!Toys are complicated and not something that the current recycling process can make use of. Fluffy bears and the firetruck missing a wheel have to be repurposed or donated. Sort the toys that still have a lot of love left in them and give them to a friend’s younger kids or donate them to your favorite second-hand store. They don’t have to be perfect, some favorite toys for the staff here at EnviroPerks were the ones from generations before us with just a little paint missing!

Curbside bins don’t play with toys!Do you have a favorite toy that was passed down? Check around, some local organizations want old toy parts for educational purposes as well. If a toy doesn’t make the cut, check out this website to ship old toys to be repurposed. But remember shipping uses resources, so get creative and give those toys a new life locally!