Did You Know Recycling Is Only The 4th Step Of The Solution?

EnviroPerks is on a mission to educate residents about how to help the environment, beyond recycling, by recycling the 3Rs into 6Rs. Recycling is only the 4th step of the loop.

EnviroPerks started a campaign about reducing waste beyond just recycling. They’ve launched a 360 degrees marketing campaign around the 6Rs where recycling is only the 4th step. Recycling hasn’t gone well since the China ban, so now is a great time to remember how to reduce waste overall. The other main component in the loop that always was implied in the original 3Rs of recycling, but that most have forgotten, is that in order to make recycling work people also need to “rebuy” by purchasing items that are made from recycled material thus keeping the demand going and thereby “closing the loop”.

So, what exactly are the 6Rs?

The 6Rs are six things that we all can do to “close the loop” on recycling as businesses and as residents. Recycling really is a way to use resources several times, but how about preventing resources from being used in the first place? How about reducing the amount of stuff people produce so there is no need for recycling?

 what exactly are the 6Rs?

The first part of the 6Rs may be the hardest: Refuse to buy anything that can’t be recycled or has a one-time only use. Think twice before buying anything. By reducing the number of “single use” or non-recyclable items that you buy, you can ensure that less waste ends up in landfills. When you reuse items, and upcycle, repair, or donate them when needed, you also produce less waste. And, of course, recycling should always be a part of your daily life. It’s easy to start with the basics like paper, aluminum, and glass and plastic bottles. Residents who are eligible for the EnviroPerks program can take advantage of this benefit and redeem rewards points for discounts from great local businesses that support recycling as well as discounts from select national businesses that offer cool, environmentally responsible products.

“Recycling is only sustainable when people buy products with recycled content, and thereby creating the demand and value to support the collection of the materials. You can close the loop by rebuying items that have been made from recycled materials. They’re becoming more common and easier to find. So, don’t forget to look for them when you’re shopping” explains Sandra Hungate, Vice President of VERDE and EnviroPerks, who has been using recycled paper, napkins, and more all of her life.

The campaign consists of:

  • a 6Rs video
  • a game at events in EnviroPerks service areas where residents are invited to create a lunchbox using the 6Rs.
  • social media contests where residents will be invited to share how they will change their behavior for each R.
  • online ads with the tagline “this waste is Rs”.