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Do you want to be greener in your community?

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5 steps that you can take now:

1. Get a recycling container; make sure that all members of your family know what can and can’t be recycled.

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2. Keep your recycling container clean and secure – clean up any “accidents” so that contamination isn’t an issue when your container is emptied; close lids/doors so that paper and plastic items don’t fly away


3. Go paperless whenever possible – now a lot of businesses give you the option to be paperless by dens you recite by email or text; reduce this to make a big impact


4. Remember to recycle electronics, oils, and other hazardous wastes at your city’s designated location(s)


5. Place recycling bins in accessible, high-traffic areas of your house, next to trash bins – make it easy for everyone to participate and get your points

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