America Recycles Day 2016

Norfolk, VA – 11/15/2016 – Happy America Recycles Day 2016! EnviroPerks, the recycling incentive and strategic marketing company, interviewed and quizzed thousands of people throughout the country to make them aware of the recycling facts on this 19th annual America Recycles Day.

Watch The Video!

America Recycles Day was created in 1997 to encourage Americans to commit to recycling. For EnviroPerks, which has been providing education and incentives to many cities since 2010, this day is another opportunity to speak with residents about the importance of recycling. EnviroPerks has two goals: to get more people to recycle, and to involve the community in making their city greener while providing data and reports to the Cities in order to target areas for improvement. Their latest campaign, the America Recycles Day $1,000 Quiz, was a mix of both these goals: it involved the communities of all active EnviroPerks cities, and encouraged more people to recycle by showing them some facts. Some of the interviewed residents who said they didn’t recycle became motivated to start recycling after hearing those facts.

Residents of the EnviroPerks service areas were invited to answer quiz questions such as, “According to the EPA, the average American generates 4.40 pounds of trash per day. How many pounds do you think the average American recycles on average per day?”. The correct answer to this question, 1.51 pounds, makes people realize, that even though America is recycling, there is still a long way to go. In fact, 75% of the American waste stream is recyclable, but the people only recycle about 30% of it, which is 1.51 pounds per person per day. Most quiz participants guessed close to the correct answer, while a few guessed 1 pounds or less. Other questions were about the energy saved thanks to recycling, highlighting such facts as “recycling 100 aluminum cans can light an average bedroom for 2 weeks”. Most quiz takers estimated the yearly food waste to be in the dozens of tons, but only a few guessed close to the correct number, 21.5 million tons. One lucky participant, Steven Zuelke, won $1,000 for answering the quiz correctly.

EnviroPerks and America still have a lot of work ahead of them to improve these numbers. The company’s message with this campaign, as seen in their video, is: “We still have a long way to go… Thank you for recycling!”

EnviroPerks’ technology and data have been able to help cities target the precise areas where recycling education needs to increase, and is the proven program of choice for cities such as Norfolk and Richmond, VA, Atlanta and Augusta, GA, Clearwater and Hollywood, FL, and more. Their service areas show recycling participation far above the national average, but their data only measures curbside recycling. Therefore, EnviroPerks stresses regularly to their recyclers, that recycling isn’t just about the curbside container; recycling starts in the buying process. Also, recycling isn’t just for paper, plastic, glass, and metal; most things are recyclable, but residents need to bring them to specific drop-off locations. For example, grocery bags can be recycled at some grocery stores, while electronics and hazardous materials can be recycled at your city’s recycling centers. On the other hand, books and clothes can be recycled at local thrift stores. Finally, everyone should remember that recycling is only the third R of the “3R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Buying only the things that can be reused, or recycled, will increase the recycling percentage, and buying them in reduced quantity will further prevent the need to recycle at all.