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Shop Green Today To Ensure A Better Tomorrow

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88% of Consumers refused single use items and opted to buy more sustainable products that can be reused! Less is definitely becoming more!

Shopping green doesn’t have to eliminate our product options. When shopping, here are a few questions you should ask yourself to ensure your purchases are environmentally-friendly and you’re being as green are possible!

How green is this product?

> Is it energy efficient?

> How far did it have to travel to get to the shelf?

> Are there other alternatives that are less wasteful or harmful to the environment i.e. less packaging, reusable, or made from recycled materials?

> Is the item available to buy in bulk?

Using green products is essential to reduce pollution and contamination of the air, water, and soil and when we shop we should be taking what we buy into account.


Do I even need this?

> Will it serve a useful purpose for me?

> Do I already have something that would serve the same purpose?

Impulse buys can be fun, but before doing so, ask yourself if it’s worth it to you or the planet. Many times impulse shopping is the culprit for much mass consumption and most of those items are usually single use. Like waters stocked at the counter. That plastic will last for yeeeeeeeears. Grab a reusable bottle before leaving the house and fill up on the go!


Will this purchase satisfy me for years to come?

> Is this something that is built to last or is it cheaply made?

> Will I have to replace it?

Technology is something that needs to be replaced often. Buying well-made items that are likely to last and satisfy you much longer will ensure that you are contributing less waste to the environment.


What happens to this product once it’s used and done with?

> Is it decompose-able, recyclable, or sustainable?

> Can it be reused for something or someone else later on?

Try shopping only for things that can be safely and responsibly disposed of and continue to refuse items that aren’t good for the planet. In this way, we add value to our lives and the lives of all other living things and shopping green becomes the thing to do.