EnviroPerks is Proud To Support The Shiver In Virginia Challenge! - EnviroPerks

EnviroPerks is Proud To Support The Shiver In Virginia Challenge!

Shiver In Virginia presents a safe, Statewide, month-long beautification effort that all can participate in! For a small, but very impactful, donation of $20.21, you will receive a FREE Virginia State Parks one day parking pass. That same donation also gives you optional access to the Keep Virginia Beautiful Mission Challenge website where all witness the State getting cleaner and greener – day by day. AND, each beautiful act you report enters you into drawings for really cool prizes.


Even if you cannot make a donation to gain access to the Mission Challenge activity, you can still let them know what you are up to throughout March by reporting on their new and improved GET CAUGHT IN A BEAUTIFUL ACT link!


Making a Difference Couldn’t Be More Fun or Easy! 

Each of these acts and more equals 1 mile on the trek around the Commonwealth! And, if you don’t do the mission challenge, they still invite you to report your beautiful acts here!

Here’s a brief list of ways to keep Virginia beautiful in your own neighborhood and beyond!

  1. Grab a Bag, Take a Walk, Pick up Litter! It could be the easiest “do anywhere” beautiful act there is!
  2. Take recycling to the curb or recycling center
  3. Plan your garden
  4. Work in your garden or yard
  5. Contribute time to a community garden
  6. Install a rain barrel
  7. Set up composting; turn your compost
  8. Pull invasive plants
  9. Clear a trail
  10. Plant a native Virginia plant or tree (zone appropriate, of course!)
  11. Clean up graffiti
  12. Clean bird feeders and birdbaths
  13. Upcycle or artcycle an item otherwise bound for the landfill
  14. Take household and electronics to donation centers
  15. Take the KVB Pledge
  16. Adopt-a-Highway

The challenge runs until March 31st, so do get moving and Keep Virginia Beautiful! Please direct all inquiries about this event to Keep Virginia Beautiful.