EnviroPerks promotes Preserve US-recycled products to their recyclers [PRESS RELEASE] - EnviroPerks

EnviroPerks promotes Preserve US-recycled products to their recyclers [PRESS RELEASE]

EnviroPerks members can receive 25% off their entire purchase at Preserve.eco


EnviroPerks is making it easier for recyclers to close the loop on recycling by purchasing products that are made from recycled plastic. Recyclers in communities that offer EnviroPerks now have access to some of the coolest products on the planet AT A DISCOUNT! Since 2010, EnviroPerks has been offering residents in the communities that they partner with discounts and freebies as rewards for recycling. They also have been educating residents about what to recycle as well as what NOT to recycle, using fun games that educate and entertain. They even give back to the community by partnering with local schools and non-profits to encourage residents to become members so that even more residents can reap the benefits of being a part of the EnviroPerks community.

Since 1996, more than 10 years before EnviroPerks started, Preserve has been using the Earth’s resources more efficiently and responsibly to transform recycled materials into products that are functional, well-designed, and fun to use. Their first, and most well-known, product is the Preserve Toothbrush which is made from recycled #5 plastic, including yogurt cups.

EnviroPerks is always looking for new, creative ways to reach and educate residents while incentivizing recycling. The recycling process begins at home with consumers. We buy products and then need to recycle what can be recycled. But is that all there is to recycling? NO!

“By promoting companies like Preserve to residents, we have the opportunity to close the loop on recycling by buying products that are made from recycled materials in the USA”, explains Sandra Hungate, VP of EnviroPerks. Preserve’s line of products is made from recycled polypropylene (#5 plastic) like yogurt cups and hummus tubs. They are a Certified B Corporation, helping to set the gold standard among the best of the best.

This is just one more way that EnviroPerks is leading the way in making cities greener. EnviroPerks and Preserve are doing their part to encourage responsible recycling from start to finish. This is environmental stewardship at its best! To learn more about EnviroPerks visit enviroperks.com, and to learn more about Preserve visit preserve.eco.