Hello Augusta!

The City of Augusta Solid Waste, and EnviroPerks have been publishing a quarterly newspaper called “Recycle” for more than a year now. Since this newspaper is dedicated to you, dear Augusta recyclers, we would like to invite your children to participate in spreading the word of recycling.

Get Your Child’s Art Or Article Published In The “recycle” Newspaper!

How Can Your Children Participate?

Your children can send us articles, drawings, or any art to, along with a signed submission agreement, at any time of the year. Only high definition digital files are accepted. If the artwork is not digital, please scan on maximum quality or take a high quality photo. According to the different themes of the newspapers, we will integrate the different artworks in the upcoming newspapers.

Your child’s name can be displayed on the art if desired. Simply let us know in the submission agreement.

Who Can Participate?

Any kid up to age 18, residing in Richmond County can participate.

How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. The participation is free. 

Where Can I Get The Newspaper?

You can pick up the free newspaper at public libraries, or at some of our EnviroPerks Rewards Partners. You can also read it online at