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Green gift ideas

The Holiday season is the time of year when we produce the most waste. People buy gifts to make others happy, but much of it is unnecessary and will eventually end up in the landfill.

Let’s discover some ways to celebrate the holidays by giving green presents.

You probably guessed this one: upcycled gifts! If you’re going to buy something, see if there is a recycled version of it.

Green gift ideas

Recycled shoes, like the ones from Rothy’s check it out:

Green gift ideas

Recycled clothes, like the Teeki yoga pants, check it out:

Green gift ideas

Recycled toys, like the ones from Green Toys, check it out:

Green gift ideas

Recycled jewelry, like the ones from our EnviroPerks partner Bottled Up Design check out their reward here

Gift Craft

If you’re crafty, why not make your own gifts? Nothing means more than making something unique for someone you love. Get crafty with homemade candles, paper, lip balms, jewelry, photo prints, or hand-knitted scarves. You will find lots of ideas on Pinterest!

Offer a memory

Gifts don’t have to be things; they can be “experiences”. Tickets, vouchers, etc., for things such as a spa experience, wine tasting, cooking class, movies, or even a tree planting class can be great gifts that produce very little waste–and make memories that will last a lifetime! And, digital versions produce NO waste!