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Green school supplies

While preparing for the kids to go back to school, we prepared a short list of essential supplies that are earth and kid friendly. Some of them are even recycled!!

Here’s a list of 8 must-haves to make going back to school easy and cool for both your kid and the planet.

Crayons – $4.50

Crayons - $3.38
These eco-friendly crayons are made from unwanted used crayon pieces and are packaged in a recycled kraft tuck-top box. Available Here

Neapolitan 100% Recycled Construction Paper – $2.69

Recycled Construction Paper
This pretty, heavy-weight recycled paper is marbled with three fun colors (Pink, Blue, and Yellow). Available Here

Westcott® 14820/KleenEarth® Recycled Scissors – $9.26

Recycled Scissors

The scissors’ handle consists of 70 percent plastic and 30 percent post-consumer content, and are infused with antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors. Available Here

Zebra ECO Ballpoint pen – $1.99

Zebra ECO Ballpoint pen

Guess what this pen is made of?

It’s made of over 70% real post-consumer plastic, like old CDs and cell phones! Available Here

Recycled Student Composition Books – $3.29

Recycled Student Composition Books - $3.29

This composition book is made of a minimum of 30% recycled fibers and 30% Post-consumer-waste. And you can recycle it again when you’re done using it! Available Here

Coccoina Non-Toxic Glue Stick – $3.95

Coccoina Non-Toxic Glue Stick - $3.95

This non-toxic glue stick is safe for the environment, and you, and easily washes off with water. Available Here

EcoGear Glacier Recycled PET Backpack – $32.95

EcoGear Glacier Recycled PET Backpack - $29.95

Can you believe these bags are made from recycled PET water bottles? Plus, non-toxic dyes & materials have been used. Available Here

Bentgo Kids – Children’s Bento Lunch Box – $ 27.99

Bentgo Kids - Children’s Bento Lunch Box - $ 27.99

How about giving 5% of this product’s price to the Feed the Children organization? Available Here