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Happy Hallogreen!

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Happy Hallogreen!

Ok so we can’t take credit for Green Halloween but we did come up with “Hallogreen” so that counts for something right?

Green Halloween or “Hallogreen” if you’re an Enviro Perkster, started in 2007 by Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson authors of “Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family.” It was an initiative to get people to be a little more earth-friendly during Halloween but also keeping it fun and traditionally magical. So in the magical tradition of the “Hallogreen” season we’re going to show you what to do for your little ghosts and ghouls and throw in some fun for you too. It’ll be spooktastic!

Hallowgreen Costume Xavi Cabrera


Well you just can’t have Halloween without a costume. And since none of us are Sabrina, (you know, the teenage witch? Oh come on!) we can’t just use witchcraft to make one appear. Soooooo, why not get a little creative and craft one! Sounds like a lot of effort but honestly it’s really fun! And a great way to get into the “Hallogreen” spirit while doing something cool with your family. 

Best part, you can find materials everywhere! Thrift Stores, second hand shops, even grandma’s attic. There’s sure to be some awesome stuff up there. But if you must purchase a costume don’t fret Perksters, log into your EnviroPerks Loyalty+ account and save 20% off at HalloweenCostumes.com. It’s almost scary how low their prices are.


Trick or Treat (We’re Not Smelling Your Feet Though)

One of the most important things you’ll need for all those tricks and treats is something to put them in. But those plastic pumpkins and pales are ghastly for the environment not to mention extremely toxic. So go old school. Remember taking a pillowcase when you were a kid? Well it still works, and you can even decorate them with your little ones for fun while teaching them a new gnarly tradition.  Check this idea out from Kid Friendly Things To Do!

More Hallogreen Tricks & Treats

Try these earth-friendly tricks and treat the planet well this year.

> Donate your old costumes & decorations

> Throw a costume swap party before halloween

> Compost your pumpkins & roast your pumpkin seeds

> Use face paint instead of buying a mask

> Walk or ride bikes to trick or treat this year instead of driving


Buried Alive By Natary T

Buried Alive….. AHHHHHHH

There are a monster mash of ways to be green for halloween. The most important thing is to be just a little bit more mindful of what we’re using and where it goes after we use it. According to TreeHugger.com, we’ll spend about 2.3 BILLION, yup BILLION, dollars on decorations for Halloween alone and most of it is not recyclable or even reused. So that means those items are burned creating air pollution or buried in landfills. And don’t forget most of this stuff is made out of plastic. Now that’s scary! 




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