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Have you moved? Update your info!



Have you moved? If so, don’t forget to update your address…and your container info if that has changed (no container information is necessary in Hollywood, FL). If your address or container number are not correct in your EnviroPerks account, you may not get the points you’re entitled to. In order to take full advantage of the features of our website, your information needs to be correct.


Here are some things that should occur automatically after updating your address and/or container number.*

  • If you have a new recycling container at your new (or old) address, the system should automatically update the container info for you. If this doesn’t happen automatically, we can help (call or email us). When the information is correct, you’re all set to receive points for recycling using YOUR container at YOUR address.
  • You’ll be able to see the rewards near YOUR home.
  • You’ll see and receive information specific to YOUR community.
  • You can receive notifications to let you know when your recycling container has been emptied.

Simply sign in to your account, and check to see if your address and container number(s) are correct. If your address is incorrect, or missing, select “Edit” next to the “Your Address”¬†header, and type in the correct address.If your container number is wrong, or missing, scroll down to the Containers section, click on “Add container”, and enter the serial number for your container. If you receive an error message, just send us an email or call us so that we help.


*Available to all members in EnviroPerks’ service areas, except for Hollywood, FL.