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I’ll bet you wouldn’t want to receive a gift like this!

Most people enjoy a surprise–your favorite cupcake, a five dollar bill found in an old pair of jeans, or a compliment from the last person you would expect. But for the workers at the MRF, surprises can be quite a shock–and are not exactly welcome. Almost everyone, every once in a while, will toss something into their recycle bin as a “hopeful recycler”.

Well…let us tell you about the crazy things that MRF employees are finding, just tossed into the bin! And we are not talking about a hose this time. Some items even have to get the bomb squad involved. Yep, that’s right! They’ve even found cannonballs and grenades! We get what you’re probably thinking: its metal, it’s old, it doesn’t work. But no matter how old or harmless these items might seem to be, they are considered to be dangerous, live ordinances. So, next time you see a neighbor hauling a cannonball to the curb, please do us a favor and give them the finger wag (or help them contact someone who can safely remove it).

Cannonballs and grenades aren’t the only strange things MRF workers have seen coming out of the back of the recycling truck. Would you believe that deer carcasses have been known to make an appearance? Think it can’t get worse? Unfortunately, it does. Some cities have even found body parts in the recycling bins! But if that’s what’s in your recycling bin you just might have more to be concerned about than the local recycling rules!

We know that you most likely aren’t guilty of trying to recycle something this crazy, but please keep in mind that employees at the MRF are working really hard to sort through ALL of the items that come down the line. Remember that if you aren’t sure that it can be recycled it’s safer to put it in the trash bin than in the recycling bin. It’s easy to learn more about what does and doesn’t go in your curbside recycling bin by contacting your city. They want everyone to recycle correctly and are there to help you determine what can and can’t be recycled locally.

So, let’s enjoy the good surprises that come up in our lives and help MRF workers avoid those unpleasant surprises by recycling right. They’ll appreciate it, and we applaud you for being an awesome recycler!

awesome recycler!