Looking Back On 2020 - EnviroPerks

Looking Back On 2020

Happy new year from all of us at EnviroPerks! For a year with so many ups and downs, we’re proud to say that in 2020 we helped more people dispose of their waste properly than ever before. We also rebranded with a new name and logo (not an easy task!) and expanded our rewards program to help you save more money than ever. Let’s take a look back on 2020 as we toast 2021:


Through raffles, contests and savvy use of hashtags, we were able to give away over $500 worth of gift cards, merchandise and additional savings to EnviroPerks users on top of the rewards they receive automatically through enviroperks.com. This year saw raffles for everything from Valentine’s Day flowers to sustainable products for Earth Day, not to mention extra-special event giveaways like October’s month-long scavenger hunt for Golden Tickets scattered across our website. We’ve got plenty more on the horizon in 2021, so make sure to follow EnviroPerks on social media and check our pages frequently so you don’t miss out!


Facebook Live

It was hard to get face-to-face with folks this year, but that didn’t stop us from having regular Facebook Live events all year long. We loved highlighting our local business reward partners and encouraging our users to support green organizations. We sincerely appreciate our loyal members and the feedback you gave us to help improve your experience. Connecting with you and giving away over $1,000 was one of the best parts of this year, and we’re looking forward to more Facebook Live events this year, with Q&As, raffles and more coming soon! 



We entered 2020 as Recycling Perks and we exited as EnviroPerks – what’s changed? Our name, for one, plus our logo, but we’re still the same rewards program you know and love. One addition we’ve made alongside our brand relaunch is the Loyalty+ program: Finally, we’re able to offer you points-free savings and rewards, which is a huge win for everyone. Now, you won’t have to wait for your points balance to accrue before claiming certain deals with EnviroPerks’ Loyalty+. That means more savings for you! The other major change is to the points system itself – you’ll always earn 100 points for every month you remain a customer of your participating waste hauler, so it’s easier than ever to accrue points with EnviroPerks. 


All in all, we’re looking forward to 2021, because it’s a new year full of opportunities to help save you money and build a more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family. We can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us, and we’re proud to have you with us!


Thanks and again – Happy New Year!