Make the coming holidays the most wonderful time of year for you and the world! - EnviroPerks

Make the coming holidays the most wonderful time of year for you and the world!

With the holidays right around the corner, we at EnviroPerks want to share with you the importance of recycling and living sustainably. With all the paper wrapping and box trashing moments to come, give our world the best gift of all this year and think green. Recycling will go a long way, but these tips to gift giving will help you stop the waste before it starts!

1. Give an experience instead

Give an experience instead

Memories are more fulfilling and long lasting, so consider making memories this season. It’s a great alternative to giving a physical item that will serve its purpose and eventually become trash. An ING study from 2016 states that 70% of Americans feel that holidays in the U.S. focus too much on purchasing rather than savoring. This year, let’s all try and remember the importance of coming together and give experiences rather than materialistic objects!

2. Less is more

Less is more

If you choose to give a physical gift instead of giving an “experience”, remember that it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be appreciated. “It’s the thought that counts” is really true! Put thought into the gifts that you buy so that the recipient will want to keep, and use, them for years to come. “Less is more” is true when it comes to packaging and decorating gifts. If a gift needs a box, choose a decorative one that can be reused many times. When using a bag to hold your very thoughtful gift, make sure that it’s sustainable or reusable (not plastic) and go light on the tissue paper. You can get bags that fold to close and not need paper at all! Remember that no matter what you use in this process you should always try to make sure that it can be reused or recycled. For more ideas on environmentally-friendly gift wrapping, check out this article.

3. Give gifts that are recyclable

Give gifts that are recyclable

We all want to give the BEST gift, so we spend a lot of time considering exactly what that might be. While brainstorming, remember the recyclable questions: Will this gift be useful in the years to come? Could they recycle this when they’re done with it? Would someone else find pleasure in it if they donate it? By giving a gift that is reusable or recyclable you can make sure that your gift keeps giving for years to come.

4. Upcycle items to give as gifts

Upcycle items to give as gifts

Put some extra thought into a gift to really show you care. With the aid of Pinterest and DIY blogs, it’s easy to take something that has outlived its purpose and transform it into something beautiful – which in return can be a very sentimental gift for someone! Take something they already love and upcycle it! Glass jelly jars can be used to make the perfect holiday tea light holders for your best friend, or your old records can be molded to become a bowl for your uncle. The possibilities are endless!

5. Wait to give gifts

 Wait to give gifts

If you’re like most people in the U.S., odds are some of your family members live outside of your state, maybe even outside of the country! Although we all want to send gifts to be opened in time for the holidays, sometimes waiting until you see them next is a more joyous idea. Not only will you be able to see them open the gift in person, but you also will reduce shipping and packaging which will save you money, and in the end, the planet!

6. Last, but not least, purchase things that have already been recycled

Last, but not least, purchase things that have already been recycled

If you’re a EnviroPerks member, you have the advantage of shopping, and saving, at local partners that already offer wonderful recycled, repurposed, upcycled, and sustainable gifts. For more options, take a look at Etsy and These are great places to find upcycled goods! There are so many items out there that have been transformed into something unique and personalized, making them the perfect gift for someone you love.

By keeping all of this in mind during the holidays, you can help sustain our world for many more years to come. Share with us on our Facebook Page how you and your family are giving green gifts this year! Create your own post, tag us and your friends. Remember that memorable moments make the best gifts of all! Give the greenest gifts of all this holiday season: your time, your kind words, and your love.

Happy Holidays from us to you!