Mayday for the planet! – 4 ways to encourage others to recycle [ARTICLE]

Author: Sandra Hungate, EnviroPerks

Mayday, mayday!! Our beautiful planet needs our attention. The world population is growing, and its waste along with it. There is only so much space to deposit our waste, and it takes many human lifetimes for some of the materials to decompose. Some of these materials will soon disappear due to intensive exploitation by mankind. Aluminum, at the current rate of use, is set to disappear by 2139. Even earlier, in 2021, silver will be completely exploited – so recycling will be the only way to maintain silver on our Earth! We need to encourage others to recycle! Try these 4 main tips:

Mayday for the planet! - 4 ways to encourage others to recycle

1. Educate people about the importance of recycling. Many simply don’t know what it is about, or what it does; they consider the recycling bin as a second trash can.

2. Open people’s eyes and minds. Get the word out through your social groups, both online and off. Share the facts, numbers, and videos like the plastic bags in the oceans, etc. You can find lots of information on our EnviroPerks Facebook pages dedicated to each city.

3. Consider having a recycling presentation at your neighborhood’s association meeting. EnviroPerks provides this as a free service. Or, you can present the facts yourself.

4. Rather than just telling people, you can also show them by taking them on a recycling facility tour, or by sharing a video about recycling, such as the video called “How Recycling Works” from the SciShow YouTube channel. Watch it here