Mini Grants Now Available - EnviroPerks

Mini Grants Now Available

Does your grouP need a donation?

Great! EnviroPerks can help. Apply for a mini grant!

What’s a EnviroPerks mini grant?

Mini grants are $200-$750 and they support a very specific environmentally forward project that a group may be working on. A few mini grant examples include, but definitely are not limited to:

  • Planting and beautification projects in your neighborhood
  • Student environmental education programs in the classroom
  • Supplies for litter clean ups in the neighborhood

How does my neighborhood receive a EnviroPerks mini grant?

  1. Complete the grant available here
  2. Work with your group to complete the required recycling actions (detailed below)
  3. Report your recycling actions to EnviroPerks
  4. Receive your funding
  5. Execute your grant funded project
  6. Send EnviroPerks a brief write up (1-2 paragraphs) and photos of the project

What are the required recycling actions mentioned above?

EnviroPerks wants to assure it ties funding to positive recycling activities in the community. In order to receive the mini grant funding, your group must execute the following items:

  1. Invite EnviroPerks to your group meeting to present on the importance of recycling and offer take-aways to share with your network of volunteers or members
  2. Encourage your volunteers or members to enroll in their EnviroPerks account and confirm their recycling container by emailing through your list-serv with information about recycling that EnviroPerks will provide to your group

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Questions about the mini grant program should be directed to