People who recycle, don’t only care for the planet, they also care for the animals who live on it. That’s why, over March and April 2016, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Suffolk recyclers generated $716 for the local rescue!

For every new member registration, or additional users added to an existing account, the local incentive program EnviroPerks donates $2 to their local reward partner, “Beagles to the Rescue”.

More Than $700 Have Been Raised For Beagles To The Rescue!

Rita, the owner of Beagles to the Rescue said "a big thank you to EnviroPerks and all our friends in Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Portsmouth!"; she will use the donations to take care of their rescued puppies that you can find on their website: or visit at 1847 Centerville Turnpike South in Chesapeake, VA 23322.

More Than $700 Have Been Raised For Beagles To The Rescue!

“We love to give back to our community, and with the help of our awesome recyclers, it’s even more enjoyable!” says Bill Dempsey, President of EnviroPerks.

All year long, EnviroPerks rewards registered recyclers for their efforts with more than 300 discounts and freebies from local businesses in the area, who get free exposure through the program. Registering at is simple and free for residential Solid Waste customers. By recycling regularly, EnviroPerks members have the opportunity to earn up to $25 per month in discounts. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Solid Waste residents can activate their free account at It takes less than two minutes
  • Once a customer is enrolled, their cart will be automatically assigned to their household. If their cart is not automatically associated for some reason, they can add their cart to their online account by entering the serial number from the cart
  • Every time their recycling cart gets picked up at the curb on their normal pick up day, the associated EnviroPerks account will automatically receive 50 points
  • Recyclers can log in 24/7 to and redeem earned points for discounts at local businesses. They can add household members to the account allowing them to share the earned points
  • is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone and can geo-locate rewards near the user’s location.