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National What Month?

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After July 4th, what else could possibly be left to celebrate in the month of July? You have no idea! Just because Independence Day has come and gone doesn’t mean the party can’t go on. July is full of all kinds of celebrations! The most curious, albeit even weird, are food related. For example, did you know there’s a national celebration for beans? Or, eggs? Not even kidding you, there’s a Sidewalk Egg Frying Day in July. Told you, it gets weird. Let’s dine, I mean dive in.



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Yup, July celebrates not just a day of the summer’s favorite sweet treat but a whole entire month! What better month to celebrate than in HOT July. National Ice Cream Month was designated in 1984 by President Reagan, and on the 3rd Sunday of this very month is National Ice Cream Day. So, you have an excuse to fudge on your diet this month, Perksters. While you’re at it, log in to your EnviroPerks account and see what cool rewards there may be in your area for ice cream. Do it for your country! Did we mention that July 25th is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day? Just saying……….



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Yeah, we’re drunk on our verbiage over here but we’re still not as tipsy as July. Oh, yes, July celebrates alcohol y’all.  There’s Piña Colada Day, Mojito Day, World Rum Day, Michelada Day, National Gran Marnier Day, Daiquiri Day, Tequila Day and Scotch Day all in the month of July! There’s even a Dive Bar Day, smh, what a party month!

Our favorite chill beverage for summer has to be wine, and yes, July has a National Wine Cooler Day. We hear ya’ screaming, ladies! This perfect summer beverage goes hand in hand with summer, man! And, guess what?! Loyalty+ members can celebrate wine-ing the right way with all sorts of deals for the summer, like 20% off any order with BEV, the canned wine with ZERO sugar. That’s gonna come in handy with all that ice cream you’ve been eating. No judgement, though. Or, a $20 off Wine Pass with Priority Wine Pass that’ll be great for Wine and Cheese Day!


Food Brings Joy & Peace

We haven’t even begun putting a dent in all the food related celebrations for July. There’s Macaroni Day, National Lollipop Day, and National Fried Chicken Day. There’s even a Hamburger Day and National French Fry Day! While we’re at it, July takes the cake for National Junk Food Day, too. With all these wild and wonderful celebrations about and around food, the one celebration we have to say is the greatest is Food For Peace. 


On July 10, 1954, President Eisenhower signed into law what is now known as the Food for Peace Act. It’s responsible for helping over 4 billion hungry people around the world. Its mission is something worth celebrating, “to reduce hunger and malnutrition, and ensure that all individuals have adequate, safe and nutritious food to support a healthy and productive life.” – US Aid. Now, THAT’s something worth celebrating!


Now you know a bit more about some of the coolest, and weirdest, food celebrations in July. Contact Us or Message Us on Facebook and share some of your favorites!

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