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Norfolk for Earth Day 2016 [ARTICLE]

Norfolk – 04/22/2016 – Saving the environment lies on every shoulder, from government and corporations, to households and schools. Now, what will you do for Earth Day this year?

Norfolk has been active in several environmental projects for many decades, and continues to work daily on getting more residents involved with the mission to keep Norfolk green and beautiful – a mission that the City of Norfolk Waste Management, Keep Norfolk Beautiful, and EnviroPerks work on together.

Norfolk’s Keep America Beautiful affiliate even won the National Affiliate Award this year which proves not only to the city, but to the whole country, how successful Norfolk is at being a green city. Indeed, Norfolk’s residents set out their recycling containers at an average rate of 62% at each pick-up, and at more than 76% every month – “a rate that keeps increasing almost monthly”, according to Bill Dempsey, President of EnviroPerks, who delivers the monthly data reports.

To get a direct feel of the City’s green fever, EnviroPerks, the local recycling incentive and outreach program, went downtown on Wednesday to see what Norfolk residents know of Earth Day and what they do for the environment. From “I don’t recycle, but I know I should” to “We always recycle, that’s something that we grew up doing”, most of those interviewed showed a good knowledge and awareness of the environmental situation and the existence of Earth Day, which confirms the high recycling rates of the Norfolk residents.

To celebrate Earth Day, a few residents explained that they would reflect on how to improve their lifestyles to be greener, and that this day reminds them on how important it is to protect our planet. Some interviewed individuals also took the opportunity to sign up for EnviroPerks: “It’s a win-win: giving back to the community, to the Earth, and I’m getting something free. Why not?”

City of Norfolk Waste Management and Keep Norfolk Beautiful will be having an event this Saturday, April 23rd from 9 am to 2 pm, at Norfolk’s Waste Management Drop-Off Center on Pineridge Road. EnviroPerks will be there to distribute their latest recycling educational newspaper called “Recycle” and will sign up new members for the free perks program. Make sure to be there, since it’s one of the two yearly Norfolk events to dispose of household hazardous waste, electronic devices, and books. There will also be Goodwill, to dispose of your clothing and household goods, as well as a shredder for your sensitive documents. The first 200 residents to bring in two or more non-perishable items for the Food Bank will receive a free reusable tote bag!

All year long, EnviroPerks rewards registered recyclers for their efforts with more than 300 discounts and freebies from local spots in the area. Registering at is simple and free for residential Solid Waste customers. By recycling regularly, EnviroPerks members have the opportunity to save up to $25 per month in discounts. Sign up for free now! 

About EnviroPerks:

EnviroPerks is an incentive program that promotes participation in curbside recycling and is currently available in several cities in the United States. EnviroPerks strives to improve household recycling efforts, reduce waste, and promote local businesses by offering great savings and exclusive deals that reward recyclers. Simply put. You recycle, we reward.