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1-2-Whoa! 3 steps to outgrow the single-use bag. Are you still using single-use plastic bags? With our steps to Whoa!, we want to help you outgrow the single-use bag before the new year. You can count on some great tips and videos to make you laugh along the way. Are you in? Step 1 is the easiest, although maybe not the most convenient. [...] Read More
Rinse, wash, reuse

If you are like us then you have acquired quite the random collection of reusable bags from cotton, to linen, canvas and possibly even ones made from reusable plastic bottles. It’s great to have a bunch, it ensures that you won’t ever be caught juggling leaving the grocery store. But, we have a question for you, did you ever think about the number of bacteria that could be lingering on your bags? Gross! Check out some tips below for cleaning those bags. 

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Reusable Bags Like You Have Never Seen Them Before

We all talk about the importance of bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and the many design options but have you heard about the many uses of reusable bags? They can be used for more than just grocery runs in their traditional form…..but thanks to a lot of awesome people out there they are not just offered in their traditional form anymore! Check out 5 “new age” reusable bags.

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Reusable bags will save the world

Do you often wonder what more you can do to make a difference for our fight for a sustainable planet? Well, our opinion is that there are two simple things you can do to make a big impact. First, one is trying to live by the 6 Rs and the second is to show others you care. There are so many ways that these two world-changing goals can be accomplished and if you have more ideas, please share them with us! 

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The Bagless Circus Anyone else feel like they can’t remember things like they used to? We sure do! Even with our tips, we know that bringing your reusable bag is going to slip your mind at times. So let’s talk about some ways to stay green!    First thing, learn how to juggle! Figure out a way to [...] Read More
Dr. Seuss knew all about reusable bags Did you know that there is an endless selection of reusable bags out there for us to choose from? Our population loves unique handbags that express our personalities, views, styles, and moods. You can do the same with a reusable bag...and at a much more reasonable price. Not sure of your options? Well, this Dr. [...] Read More
7 Ways To Remember Your Reusable Bag.

As we try to reduce our dependence on single-use bags, we know it’s not our will to change that’s the issue—we want to do the right thing. Instead, the true challenge is just remembering to grab our reusable bags as we walk out the door. Here are 7 insider tips to help you not forget your reusable bags:

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Understanding Microplastics

When plastic enters our world, it never really goes away. From the day it is manufactured, plastic crosses into a never-ending cycle, continuously re-entering our lives. Plastic slowly breaks down over time into increasingly tinier pieces called microplastics, no larger than a grain of rice (less than 5mm). They never truly go away. These plastic pieces can be found in many aspects of our lives, and are so prevalent that they are hard to avoid. 

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Stop the rain!

We just shared with you an article about how microplastics have been found to be falling with the rain in some areas. And it’s ok if it scares you, it scares us too–we’re all in this together.

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Can “just one” equal 7 billion?

We know numbers can be boring, but in the case of plastic, they can be staggering! Poly, our plastic friend, tried his best to help you conceptualize what the effect of “just one” can be.

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