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Pick Up Waste While Eliminating Waste

The number two way that our members reuse plastic grocery bags – free poop scoop! Yes, they sure are helpful, but who else has grabbed a faulty bag on their way out the door and ended up with a finger of poop? No way it’s just us! Besides being unreliable, plastic bags are also terrible for the environment. So on our mission to break free of the plastic prison we are in, here are some alternative ideas to help us pick up after our pets.

Poop Scoop 

Ever seen the nifty litter grabber tool? Well they make those for poop as well! Now that sounds much more pleasant than bending over to get poop on your finger. Just squeeze the trigger, the scoop opens up and then just squeeze to release in the trash. A quick rinse with the water hose and you’re ready for your next walk!


Newspaper takes less time to break down in the landfill than plastic bags, so if you still insist on bending down to pick up poop, this may be the solution for you!


Flushable Bags 

These are a good alternative in some cases, but check with your city to make sure it is OK to flush animal waste down the toilet. Flush Puppies are a great option because they are water soluble! After a few days of soaking they’ll be gone (just a few billion days sooner than a plastic bag).