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Poly Costume Ideas!

Hi. It’s me again, Poly the plastic bag!

It's me again, Poly the plastic bag!

I am feeling better after my journey back to the grocery store but I learned so much along the way that I want to share with you. If you haven’t seen my video yet, go click here. Halloween is approaching and I am really excited! I plan on being a reusable bag this year, what are you going to be? No idea yet? Well, I would be happy to assist you with some ideas! Let’s go over some ways that you can keep your Halloween green this year.

Did you know that starting with October, Americans will produce double the waste than the previous three quarters of the year. That means twice as many of my friends will only get used once! Now that is scary. But by making a few fun changes we can cut down on the waste and have more to celebrate this season!

There are a few things that you can do this Halloween to cut down on costume waste;

1st – Borrow from a friend, or friend of a friend, or friend of a friend’s sibling. Anyway, you do it, sharing costumes will help save them from the landfill!

2nd – Check out a second hand store. Most of these have only been worn once, that is less than most clothes you find there! And the money you spend on it will be going to a good cause. 

3rd – Use elements in your costume that can be used again all year long! If you need a coat, buy a coat that works with your everyday style or starts a new trend!

4th – Make your own. You can make it as elaborate as you want or lots of costumes are actually quite simple, some you don’t even have to sew! This is really fun to do with your family or friends and most the time you can find everything you need in your own closet. You can even make your own fake blood if you want to be something scary…like me, a plastic bag.

One of my favorite ideas this season is The Lorax! It’s a fun and easy costume that can be worn again and again. This costume can be put together using all of the ways above. Grab a pair of comfy orange PJs that you won’t grow out of soon, a pair of yellow sunglasses and some fuzzy fabric from the craft store or second hand store. Not only is The Lorax costume something warm and cozy it sends a great environmental message. We speak for the trees!

A few changes to your Halloween routine can start new traditions and help to reduce waste! And remember, take a reusable bag with you when you trick or treat! They come in a ton of fun patterns, can be customized for your costume and will serve as a great reminder of the memories you made on Halloween every time you use them to bring home your groceries.