[Press Release] A blue Santa distributing presents to recyclers' homes throughout Norfolk - EnviroPerks

[Press Release] A blue Santa distributing presents to recyclers’ homes throughout Norfolk

December 10th 2015, Norfolk, VA – At this time of year, Santa comes to give presents to those who’ve been good. But with the Blue Santa, it’s another story: he only gives presents to those who meticulously recycled during the year. Will you be on his list?

“I’ve been watching your recycling efforts all year long, and you’ve been helping me to make Norfolk and the planet more beautiful every day! A cleaner planet is all I wish for, so you’re definitely on my nice list”, Blue Santa states in his letter to the good residents who recycled.

A blue Santa distributing presents to recyclers’ homes throughout Norfolk

Blue Santa was last seen on Thursday December 10th on Barraud Ave in Norfolk, handing presents to some of us, leaving others on people’s porches. If you’ve been on his list this year, you might already know what some of the gifts are: tablets, gift cards, and goodies made by his elfs at EnviroPerks.

Indeed, Blue Santa cannot reward everyone by himself, and therefore delegated his efforts to the EnviroPerks team to reward recyclers throughout the year with the help of their local business rewards partners, such as KinderJam, the Nauticus and more!

Introduced to the residents of Norfolk three years ago, EnviroPerks incentivizes recycling for the residents. Every time a resident recycles using their “all-in” recycling carts, points are awarded to the resident’s EnviroPerks account. Points can be redeemed for rewards or discounts from participating local businesses. In an effort to raise awareness on the value of recycling, the City and EnviroPerks not only help our environment, or reward the recyclers, they also want to educate people on recycling.

“When you recycle, it’s the Holidays every day! You can redeem great products and services in the area for discounted prices daily, or even for free sometimes! And for our partners, it’s a way to promote themselves locally free of charge!” explains Bill Dempsey, President of EnviroPerks.

Find all information about the program here and sign-up for free to maybe be on Santa’s list next time: EnviroPerks.com.

it’s the Holidays every day!

About EnviroPerks:

EnviroPerks is an incentive program that promotes participation in curbside recycling and is currently available in several cities on the East Coast. EnviroPerks strives to improve household recycling efforts, reduce waste, and promote local businesses by offering great savings and exclusive deals that reward recyclers. Simply put. You recycle, We Reward.

Residents of Atlanta who are not currently signed up for the EnviroPerks program can register for a free account at EnviroPerks.com.