[PRESS RELEASE] Partnership Milestone with Clearwater Solid Waste/Recycling - EnviroPerks

[PRESS RELEASE] Partnership Milestone with Clearwater Solid Waste/Recycling

CLEARWATER, Florida. — Clearwater residential Solid Waste customers get rewarded every week just for recycling. When a resident rolls their blue recycling cart to the curb each week on recycling collection day, he or she earns points that can turn into discounts and freebies from local Clearwater businesses partners. It’s that simple. You recycle; we reward.

As the city of Clearwater reaches nearly two and a half years with the EnviroPerks program, Clearwater residents can be proud. When the city’s Solid Waste & Recycling Department implemented single-stream collections and the EnviroPerks program, Clearwater has gone from collecting 150 tons to almost 500 tons a month.

“Recycling is something we take seriously here in our bright and beautiful city,” said Earl Gloster, director of Clearwater Solid Waste/Recycling. “Our residents are working hard to do what they can, and we still have a long way to go. Not only recycling but recycling the right materials is so very important.”

“Trash is man made, and it’s going to take man to correct it,” said Lyssa Beals, the new local representative of EnviroPerks.

EnviroPerks is currently seeking new, exciting local businesses that would like to become recycling partners. EnviroPerks advertises and markets local business partners for free. To become a partner, you must be a Clearwater business and be willing to provide resident recyclers with a discount or freebie, which they can use at your business increasing your traffic for free. It’s a win-win for all.

Here’s how the program works for residents:

Solid Waste residential customers will activate their free account at EnviroPerks.com. It takes less than two minutes.

Every time a resident’s recycling cart gets picked up at the curb at his or her normal pick-up day, the associated EnviroPerks account will automatically receive 25 points.

Recyclers will be able to log in 24/7 to EnviroPerks.com and trade-in earned points for discounts from local businesses. They can add household members to the account in order to share the common earned points.

EnviroPerks.com is accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone. The program can geo-locate rewards nearest you or your home.

In addition to earned rewards, every Clearwater resident who is signed up for EnviroPerks by the end of May 2018 will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a free Visa gift card of $200, in honor of the approaching two and a half years of partnership between EnviroPerks and the city of Clearwater. The winner will be drawn and contacted on June 7, 2018.


For more information about recycling in Clearwater, visit myclearwater.com, or call the Clearwater Solid Waste/Recycling office at (727) 562-4920. Questions about the recycling rewards program should be directed to EnviroPerks by emailing info@enviroperks.com or by calling EnviroPerks customer service at (757) 412-7514.

About EnviroPerks:

EnviroPerks is an incentive program that promotes participation in curbside recycling and is currently available in several cities in the United States. EnviroPerks strives to improve household recycling efforts, reduce waste, and promote local businesses by offering great savings and exclusive deals that reward recyclers.