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Prevent contamination in your recycling bin in Clearwater

Like we talked about it in our article, Recycling Contamination Q&A, when we don’t recycle correctly, the entire batch of recycling can end up in the landfill instead of being recycled. 

3 Questions to ask yourself before deciding if something goes in the recycling bin or the trash

  1. Is this item recyclable in my city? You’d be surprised at how many things that we think are recyclable CAN’T be recycled in OUR city. Check your list here
  2. Is the recyclable item free of chemicals, residue, and grease (like pizza boxes)
  3. Does the recyclable item have a “recycle number”? Your city may not accept all numbers for recycling. Plastics #1-7 are recyclable in Clearwater.

TOP 10  items that should NEVER go in your recycling bin:

  1. Organic waste
  2. All plastic film, wraps 
  3. Electronic waste
  4. Scrap Metal
  5. Styrofoam food (take out) containers
  6. Household hazardous waste (paint, oils, cleaners, etc.)
  7. Ceramics
  8. Frozen food containers
  9. Medical waste (medicines, needles, sharps, etc.)
  10. Recyclables should be loose/unbagged in the bin