Recycle For America

Recycled craft article for holidays on May 25th (Memorial Day), June 14th (Flag Day) and July 4th (Independence Day).

Author: Monique Webb, EnviroPerks

Bottle Cap Wreath


– Bottle caps (in white, red and blue)

– Circular wooden frame

– White paint

– Red paint

– Blue paint

– Industrial strength glue

– White ribbon


1. Paint your wooden frame with  white.

2. Separate your bottle caps by color (if you do not have red, white and blue bottle caps, you can simply paint your bottle caps).

3. Glue a layer of white bottle caps  to the frame.

4. Glue on the second layer of bottle caps. Be sure to center the bottle cap between the two caps beneath it. Alternate your bottle caps between blue and red bottle caps.

5. Add a few additional white caps on top of red and blue layer to your liking.

6. Wrap ribbon around wreath and tie on top in a bow or use the ribbon to hang your wreath.

Tin Can Luminaries


– Empty steel cans, cleaned and labels removed

– Water

– Sand

– Nail

– Hammer

– Scrap paper

– Tape

– Red, white, and blue paint


1. Place a handful of sand in your cans, then, fill the can to the top with water. Place the cans in the freezer until the water is frozen solid.

2. Create stencils of your designs for your cans on scrap paper.

3. Once your cans of sand and water are frozen, remove them from the freezer and tape your stencil design onto the can.

4. Using a nail and hammer, gently punch out the design from your stencil.

5. Allow the ice in the can to melt so that you can dispose of water (keep your sand to reuse it later). Then dry the cans completely.

6. Paint your cans on the outside, and on the inside, with any red, white and blue pattern.

7. Once your paint is dry, you can simply add sand to weigh down the can and add a tea light candle to illuminate your design.