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Recycle your tree [Article]

Oh Christmas tree… …Oh Christmas tree, what if your leaves were changing?

It’s that magical time of the year, where everything shines and glows. Multicolored front yards, decked-out Christmas trees, enchanted parks, glass ornaments, and candy canes. But what happens to your tree when the season is over? Most trees are thrown away to end

their lives in landfills. Some don’t even make

it there because they become too dry and catch fire. Real Christmas trees are biodegradable, which makes them easy to reuse or recycle. Let’s look at how to give it new life or properly recycle it. Here’s to starting the New Year with the resolution to be a green citizen!

Recycle your tree

Reuse Your Tree

Bird feeder

Place your tree or a few of the larger branches in your yard as an organic feeder and shelter for birds. Attract the birds by placing sunflower seeds, peanuts, or fruits like cranberries, or orange slices on the branches.

Fish feeder

Do you own a pond? Sinking your tree into it will make an excellent refuge and feeding area for fish.


If your tree came with its roots intact, you can plant it outdoors and enjoy it for many years to come.

Winter decorations

If you’re a crafty person, you’ll find many uses for the trunk and branches. Why not make wreaths or garland to decorate your house?


To keep the enchanted scents forever, cut some branches into small pieces. Add lemons, oranges, and all your favorite spices to make it a potpourri!


Cut the trunk in disks that you can then enjoy decorating.


Recycle Your Tree

Garden mulch

Do you have a garden? Cut your tree into smaller chunks to fit into a wood chipper. Spread the mulch in your garden or around plants. Mulch helps regulate soil temperatures, reduces water loss, prevents weeds, and protects your plants from the cold.

Wood for your fireplace

Removing the branches of your tree allows you to expose the trunk. You can saw the trunk into logs, which can be used to burn in your fireplace.

Local recycling

Many places offer curbside pickup or drop-off centers to recycle your Christmas tree after the season is over.

Richmond offers a drop off on Jan 9th.


Richmond Collection Site

1710 Robin Hood Rd

10:00 am – 2:00 pm