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Recycling: A child’s point of view in Richmond area

Recycling? What is it? What is the point? Why bother doing it? What even can be recycled?

Do you recycle? You might not but this article might change your mind about recycling. Do you ever reuse things? Maybe take what used to be a toilet paper roll and turn it into an awesome craft like a castle or an octopus?

Recycling is important not just for the earth but for the people and the animals on the earth. Now how does this affect you or even the animals around you? Well at the moment landfills may not be the biggest thing ever, but if people keep throwing things in the landfill it might take up the whole earth! Where do we then build houses? How will we survive with all this trash? When you throw away that aluminum can, do you ever think about what you’re really doing?

What is recycling? Recycling is the process of putting something in a recycling bin then being pushed and pressed into something new. Such as napkins, bicycles and even planes! 

What is the point of recycling? One question of recycling that might just be asked 1,000 or more times a year is “what’s the point of recycling?” Well in my perspective the point of recycling is to help the earth. Now let me explain it a little more so you can further understand what I mean. So you’ve probably heard people say the point of recycling is to help the earth, but what does this mean? Well, it means to keep reusing the Earth, and if you still have that same question what does that mean well, let me explain better. It means instead of tearing the Earth up just to get aluminum for that one small soda can we can recycle it, and it can turn into just one small bike you might just be riding. You don’t just throw your bike away after one time of riding it do you? So now what is the point of recycling? The point of recycling is to help the Earth by recycling all what can be recycled. By recycling the earth might just live a little longer.

Have you ever heard people say there is only one earth so we must keep it clean or healthy? By 2045, some people predict that all aluminum will be taken out of the ground and will be in landfills. They predict that to still make aluminum cans they must take the aluminum out of the landfill if people aren’t recycling. Why bother to recycle? Did you listen to my story? This might happen and this is not good. How tragic! By recycling we can stop hurting the earth and landfills might not be a thing anymore if we all recycle. By actually caring for the Earth and bothering to recycle we can stop hurting the Earth and highly lower the amount of aluminum taken out of the ground each year.

What can even be recycled? This is a hard question to fully answer. What you can recycle depends on where you live. Most aluminum, plastics, and cardboard, but take Virginia for instance, here residents can also recycle glass. So it really depends on where you live and what your hauler can recycle. What is recyclable in your area! Check it out! 

To summarize: recycling is remaking something old into new that you can use over and over again, the point of recycling is to keep the Earth clean and healthy and maybe by recycling we can leave some nonrenewable resources in the ground. By bothering about the Earth and recycling we won’t hurt the earth as much as we already do, we can save the nonrenewable resources. Lastly you learned what most states can recycle. So did this article change your mind about recycling? If you’re still on the fence about recycling well then maybe this might change your mindset. Do you know of the program EnviroPerks? If you do, awesome, but if you don’t keep listening. By recycling you get points and you can get free things or discounts such as a free yoga class or maybe a discount at your favorite restaurant. Oh and you get 100 points just for signing up!

I hope this article changed your mind a little about recycling. Now when you’re ready to get rid of your aluminum soda can you can throw it in the right bin.

The right bin to a further step to help future generations throughout their lives. You also might even be able to help yourself and the people around you just by recycling.

Author: KJH