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Recycling is a local thing!

Recycling is shrouded in myth and every recycling program is unique. Contamination often happens when people are the recipients of information that is not accurate for their area or even for the recycling process. News sources and blogs do not intentionally mislead recyclers, the process is just very complicated. It can change over time and is different in each city. When it comes to curbside recycling the best information always comes from your city, your hauler, or EnviroPerks, the experts on recycling in your city!

We work together to communicate to residents what is accepted in the curbside bin. We also have the inside scoop on which materials are hazardous to the recycling process and therefore should not be placed in your curbside bin. If you hear that something is recyclable check with us first, it might still be recyclable even though it’s not accepted in the curbside bin. Often times your local recycling program will have drop off locations for electronics, oils, appliances, and other items. You can find this information on the city’s designated web page.

It may seem really complicated but we are here to help! We provide educational material that can help you become a better recycler, and you can also reach out to us or your city/hauler to clarify any questions you might have. Trusting our advice on recycling and eliminating contamination (that stuff that doesn’t belong) in your curbside bin can ensure that your recycling is processed correctly!