Author: Suzie Vance, EnviroPerks

Stop the junk mail

Did you know that you have the option to opt out & to remove your name from unwanted mail and phone book deliveries? By signing up to opt out, you will help to reduce the waste and resources.

You can opt out of receiving phone books by visiting and entering your zip code and selecting the phone books that you wish not to receive. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) you have the right to opt out for 5 years or permanently opt out for “junk mail”. If you do not wish to receive unsolicited mail, including preapprovals for credit cards or loans, you can request to opt out of receiving these offers. During the opt out process you will be asked to provide personal information, which is confidential and will only be used to process the opt out request. To opt out of junk mail, please use the information below.

Credit Card/Loan Offers Opt Out:

Toll-free 1-888-567-8688

Direct Mail Opt Out:

Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 643, Carmel, NY 10512