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Self Love Equals Planet Love

Self Love Equals Planet Love

Green Goal #2


Self Love equals planet love, PERIOD. It’s a natural gateway that really all starts with you. When we love ourselves by choosing what’s naturally best for us, we are indirectly choosing what’s best for the planet too. Check it out.




You know how you might watch a documentary or something on the news and they’re talking about the effects on our health of certain chemicals used in agriculture or how producers and manufacturers in other countries aren’t treating their workers fairly, and that Michael Jackson moment hit’s ya’ and you’re like, “I’m gonna make a change”? I’ll give you a minute to hum the tune. I know it’s in your head now. Lol. 

Well, that change is usually one that’s in harmony with our planet.  Here are a few simple Self Love tips that lead to Planet Love, which benefits us all.


Self Love Equals Planet Love Tip #1

Make Yourself a Healthy Meal – Use fresh, organic foods to prepare a simple, loving dish. We often associate food with good times, and taking a break to enjoy a home-cooked meal that you know is good and healthy for you is a good vibe move. 

Self Love Equals Planet Love Tip #2

Treat Yourself to a Healthy Meal Experience – Sometimes it’s just as rewarding to enjoy a meal someone else prepared as it is to make one. At Saddia’s Juicebox and Yoga Bar, you can enjoy incredibly delicious, organic, plant-based foods with loads of all the stuff your body craves to keep your energy high and your body healthy and fit. Get 20% off your purchase too, EnviroPerksters!


Eating well is a form of self-love and planet love. When you eat well by choosing organic, sustainably sourced foods for your meals or snacks, you reduce the amount of harmful chemicals entering your body through your food. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption and adds to the biodiversity of our planet while revitalizing the earth’s soil. A more plant-based diet has incredible health benefits too. It floods your body with what it really needs, like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. This contributes to a healthier immune system and a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.


Self Love Equals Planet Love Tip #3

Have a Green Day – Visit a local farmers market and check out all the amazing items you’ll find while walking around. Chat with the artisans and learn new things. You’ll be outside getting fresh air, supporting local businesses, and purchasing sustainable products.

Self Love Equals Planet Love Tip #4

Try Green Retail Therapy – It often makes us feel better to treat ourselves from time to time too. So, treat yourself to a green gift! Our partners at EarthHero have a variety of green gifts you’ll love, like this Wooden Smartphone Speaker sustainably sourced from birchwood.  Login to your EnviroPerks account and save 20% off of one item.


There are social, economic, and environmental impacts to shopping sustainably. We can rest assured that farmers and artisans are treated humanely without abuse and are paid a fair wage, and that every measure was taken to consider the environmental effects on the planet when producing the product. As a result, we benefit when we support local businesses and corporations that use sustainable practices. Look for certified B Corp, or 1% For The Planet companies that have dedicated their businesses to improving life for people and the Planet when shopping.


Self Love Equals Planet Love Tip #5

Make a Green Clean Solution – Take the time to love yourself by creating your own green cleaning formula! Many cleaning products have very harmful chemicals that aren’t good for us or the environment. Or, you can try locally owned natural brands like The Hoot.

Self Love Equals Planet Love Tip #6

Grow an Indoor Jungle – Well, maybe not a jungle, but growing plants can bring peace and tranquility to your home environment which in turn brings peace and tranquility to you. 

“…active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress compared with mental work. This is accomplished through suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promotion of comfortable, soothed, and natural feelings.”

Journal of Physiological Anthropology


Self Love Equals Planet Love Tip #7

Drink a Glass of Water – Water is life! Some even believe that it is conscious and holds memory.  But no matter what you believe we can all agree that hydration is important to our health. Taking a moment to be present while drinking a glass of water can remind us of what a precious resource it is and inspire us to find ways to reduce wasting it. 

Self Love Equals Planet Love Tip #8

Take a Nice, Warm Bath – Bathing has long been used as a beneficial health treatment. Just being near water can have incredible health benefits. Submerging ourselves in water brings a sense of calm and can reduce our water consumption compared to taking long hot showers. Visit The Green Cauldron Apothecary in Williamsburg for herbs you can add to your relaxing bath for wellness and inner peace and get 10% off your purchase


Love Yourself

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation defines self-love as “a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.” But self-love is beyond just feeling good, it’s dynamic and helps us to heal the inner parts of ourselves so that we learn to become better human beings, capable of living our most extraordinary lives with intention, compassion for others, and a deep loving respect for our Planet. 


J's Article Image 2   Jammica Boone is a writer and content creator for EnviroPerks