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Share the love in your city!

EnviroPerks is BIG on showing love to our city. We love making the City greener every day. We do this by creating campaigns that educate residents about recycling and sustainability. And, we offer great rewards to residents who recycle curbside. But, we don’t do this alone!

We work with local businesses (95% of EnviroPerks business partners are LOCAL businesses!) and non-profits who are a part of YOUR community. They support recycling, and we support them. Now, we’re asking you to show your love for these wonderful local businesses by supporting them.

Give love to our local partners

Why is it important to shop locally? When you shop locally, you’re supporting not just the business but your friends and neighbors as well. These are the people you live, work, and play with. Show them some love! Want to learn more about shopping local?

Learn more about shopping local