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Shop Small doesn’t stop on Saturday

It has always been a passion of ours here at EnviroPerks to support local, small businesses. So hearing that Small Business Saturday broke records this year warmed our hearts.

According to American Express, the creators of the Shop Small Movement, over $19 billion dollars was spent at small businesses across the country during Small Business Saturday 2019–the most in its 10-year history! We want to encourage you to keep that going, not just one day a year but all year, every year!


Small businesses are influential and beneficial in our communities.

They promote the arts, sponsor fundraisers and encourage community collaboration. But we are not the only ones that see this. Large corporations understand the importance of supporting communities as well. They’ve made company policies driving community outreach. But how real is that? 

Sometimes shopping local at these disconnected big box stores instead of shopping at small businesses means we may not find exactly what we are looking for. But if we shift our thinking just a bit we can live more sustainable lives and get the things we really need. Not finding those plaid pumps with sequin details or deciding to have them delivered to your door in two days is not a bad thing. Think of it more like an exercise in creativity! Opening your mind to something new and different from your original idea could lead to something better. FACTS!


If we unlearn “ungreen” habits then sustainability & shopping small might become the norm.

It’s important not just for the community or economic impact but also for nourishing creativity and the environment. Finding what you need instead of what you want, while discovering local artisans who design extraordinary creative items is a win for us all friend. Not to mention you’ll be sporting unique one of a kind wares instead of copy cat clothing that’s been mass produced. 

By the time you’ve read this email, you will have received all the “last chance for shipping” promotions from big box stores. Don’t panic. Remember, it’s an opportunity to find your loved ones something special and unique. So head downtown (it’s decorated beautifully this time of year) or find a pop-up holiday market. Shop small and stand tall, knowing you’ve done your small part in a big way!