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Spring Yard Clean-Up Time! [ARTICLE]

Author: Becky Padgett, Augusta Solid Waste

Spring Yard Clean-Up Time!

As the sun begins to warm the earth, Mother Nature awakens from her long winter’s nap. That is when things begin to spring! Once again green emerges from the ground and peeks from trees and bushes.

Everyone heads back outside to clean up the winter debris and to begin the spring garden. In addition, everyone is sprucing up for Spring holidays and preparing for Masters visitors. All of the spring clean-up activity can create an overwhelming amount of yard debris for disposal. Please keep in mind the Environmental Services Guidelines for yard waste and bulk waste removal.

1) Proper Size

Place 1 pile of yard waste measuring 10 cubic yards or less at the right of way in the front of your property; no item should be longer than 5 feet or too heavy. There is a weekly 10 cubic yard size limitation. Your regular weekly yard waste hauler is only allowed to remove if there is 10 cubic yards or less.

2) Calculating Cubic Yards

Limit is 10 cubic yards. Take a measuring tape and measure the length, width, and height of your yard waste pile. Multiply the length, width, and height, and then divide by 27 to get cubic yards.

3) All or Nothing

Everything placed at the right of way in front of your property is considered presented for removal. We do not remove parts of large yard waste piles over 10 cubic yards leaving some for the next week. We also do not take just 1 pile if there are several piles whose combined size is over 10 cubic yards. Your regular weekly yard waste provider will not remove any part or portion of the yard waste pile if it is over the weekly limit of 10 cubic yards.

4) Out-of-Compliance

The following out-of-compliance yard waste will not be removed by your regular weekly yard waste hauler:

  • Pile size over 10 cubic yards
  • Any item over 5 feet in length or height
  • Any item too heavy to manhandle
  • Loose materials must be contained
  • Yard waste materials should be in 32 gal container or paper lawn bags; not in plastic bags
  • Yard waste mixed with garbage, recycle, bulk, or construction waste
  • Tires will not be collected at the right of way.

5) Containing Loose Material

Loose materials such as leaves, pine straw, twigs, branches, and vines should be contained in Kraft paper yard bags. You can also place loose materials in a personal 32 gallon container clearly marked “yard waste”. Loose dirt or sod will not be collected.

Spring is when everyone seems to work in their yards at the same time. With so much debris placed at the right of way, it takes a lot more time to remove it all. It would be helpful not to wait to the last minute to prepare your property for Masters, Easter, and spring break. Begin early and please follow the guidelines to give us time to get the yard and bulk waste removed before your guests arrive.

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